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When Does YOUR Street Get Sweeped? …Some Cool Online Tools on Redwood City’s Website

Upon receiving my latest email installment of Redwood City e-news (which you can get by signing up at www.redwoodcity.org), Malcolm Smith, their Public Communications Manager, highlighted to me useful tools that the city provides on their website.

Want to know when your street is going to get a visit from the City Street Cleaning sweepers, for every month in 2010? Then check out this link here:  http://www.redwoodcity.org/publicworks/streets/pdf/Street-Cleaning-Schedule.pdf

An even more cooler tool is the Community GIS (Geographic Information System). This tool is a computer-based mapping tool that takes location information — such as streets, water features, schools and day care centers, neighborhood associations, census and demographic info, zoning, parks and places of interest, historic resources, parcel information, community information centers and more — and turns it into visual layers on a map, while also providing detailed data about a specific parcel.   Check it out at: http://pubgis.redwoodcity.org/communitygis/


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