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When Does YOUR Street Get Sweeped? …Some Cool Online Tools on Redwood City’s Website

Upon receiving my latest email installment of Redwood City e-news (which you can get by signing up at www.redwoodcity.org), Malcolm Smith, their Public Communications Manager, highlighted to me useful tools that the city provides on their website.

Want to know when your street is going to get a visit from the City Street Cleaning sweepers, for every month in 2010? Then check out this link here:  http://www.redwoodcity.org/publicworks/streets/pdf/Street-Cleaning-Schedule.pdf

An even more cooler tool is the Community GIS (Geographic Information System). This tool is a computer-based mapping tool that takes location information — such as streets, water features, schools and day care centers, neighborhood associations, census and demographic info, zoning, parks and places of interest, historic resources, parcel information, community information centers and more — and turns it into visual layers on a map, while also providing detailed data about a specific parcel.   Check it out at: http://pubgis.redwoodcity.org/communitygis/


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E-waste Recycling Event at Mt. Carmel, Next Saturday, Jan. 9th


Got a new TV for Christmas? How about a new game system or microwave, cell phone, or DVD Player/ Recorder? Don’t know what to do with the old ones?

Bring your used, broken or unwanted electronics to school Saturday, January 9 and recycle them for FREE.

  • Computers/Laptops/Servers
  • Televisions/Monitors
  • DVD/CD Players
  • Fax Machines/Printers
  • Telecom Equipment/Telephones/Cell Phones
  • Speakers/Stereo Equipment
  • Microwaves
  • Cables/Computer Mice/Keyboards

Bring all your old TVs, along with other broken, unused and/or unwanted electronics to the Mt. Carmel parking lot – 301 Grand St., Redwood City – on Saturday, January 9th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Your car will be unloaded for you and those items will be safely recycled for FREE. You will be benefiting both the community and the school. You can also check www.mountcarmel.org for more details.

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What’s Sold in Mt. Carmel – Q4 So Far

So wrapped up in a statistic that would make any pessimist say “No way”, is the tell tale “% of LP” — or, the percentage of list price that a home sells for.  In the last few months in the Mt. Carmel area, that average number was….drumroll, please…. 100%.

But of course, averages don’t always tell the whole story. I’ve always been one to point out that averages are never an indicator of future performance.  Location, neighborhood, condition, the economy — all play a role in what any particular home will sell for.  The fact of the matter is, that some homes sell for more that asking, some for less.  Pretty black and white.The good news is that the average points to some relative stability in our recent market.

Here, in no particular order, are the recent sales in the last 90 days:

174 Jeter – 4br/2.5ba – Original List Price (OLP): $969,000, Sale Price (SP): $889,000.  98 Days on Market (DOM) – 92% of LP

313 Topaz – 3br/2ba – OLP: $739,000, SP: $730,000. 12 DOM – 99% of LP.

270 Jeter – 2br/1ba – OLP: $675,000, SP: $680,000. 12 DOM – 101% of LP

491 Topaz – 2br/2ba – OLP: $669,000, SP: $654,000. 17 DOM – 98% of LP

1740 Whipple – 3br/1ba – OLP: $650,000, SP: $675,000. 14 DOM – 104% of LP

188 Inner Circle – 2br/1ba – OLP: $579,000, SP: $612,000. 9 DOM – 106% of LP

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Here Comes the Mt. Carmel Holiday Home Tour!

It’s that time of year again, for the Mt. Carmel Holiday Home Tour!

Event Logo Image On Saturday, December 12th, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., you can visit four beautiful Mount Carmel and Edgewood Park area homes splendidly decorated for the holidays. Even if you can’t make the Tour, come shop the wonderful Gift Boutique at the school, at 301 Grand Street! The boutique is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. –4:00 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased directly through me (contact me at ed@edgory.com), or online here.

There will also be a Holiday Home Tour Raffle. First prize will be: Your choice of Six Waterford “Lismore Jewels Diamond” Toasting Flutes and a Limited Edition Champagne Bucket, as well as extra New Year’s goodies, or Pottery Barn Holiday Table ware – 12 “Twelve Days of Christmas” salad plates, 12 large white dinner plates and coordinated napkins.

Second prize will be Williams-Sonoma “Nutcracker” dessert dishes, cereal bowls and mugs for 6!

Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20! You can also purchase these from me (ed@edgory.com) as well!  The raffle will be pulled at the end of the Home Tour Event.  No need to be present to win.  All proceeds benefit Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

Please note that this event has been planned with adults in mind. Strollers will not be allowed in the homes and we ask that you do not bring young children.

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89 Offers? And a good use of Twitter too?

 I’m reposting this from my general purpose real estate blog, “The Gory Details“, because, though it’s not specific to Mount Carmel real estate, it’s a good read for what’s going on out there in the market.

Ok, now this just sounds insane. Or maybe I should have started it as “I never thought this would happen to me, but…” (echoes of Seinfeld’s Kramer reading from Penthouse Forum).

It’s mind boggling, but the notion of multiple offers – particularly on the lower 1/3 of the market here in the Bay Area– is as prevalent now as it was 3 years ago. Now granted, the affected market segment is much more specific – I don’t really see this happening much on the higher end of the market (above $900K). But now that lending has thawed a bit from the catatonic state it was in Q4/’08 and Q1/’09, there are a TONS of investors and first time home buyers that are scooping up homes once priced in the $500K+ range which are now priced in the $200K-300K range.

There’s a huge “dang, this is a bummer” element for any agents like myself, representing buyers who keep getting outbid, or beat to the punch by others making offers on homes the day they come on the market.  It seems like in Q4/Q1, that a home would come on the market, and the buyer mentality was “I’ll just wait 2 months, and they’ll be lowering their list price”.  Let me opine here, that mentality is as long gone as Dick Cheney’s sanity.  My recommendation to any buyer out there is this: if a home seems priced ‘right’ (totally subjective), don’t wait to make an offer on it, because chances are someone else will. Oh, and making lowball offers?  Don’t even bother, as the window where you could go into contract offering 10% or more less than the list price has pretty much shut for good.  Lowball offers? You might as well just stand on the rooftop and say “I don’t really want this house.” Don’t try it, as that train left the station in Q1.

So back to the 89 offers.

Ok, so I (representing a buyer) present a good, slightly over asking price offer on an REO (bank-owned) home in South San Jose.  Couple days later, an automated email from the listing agent comes back saying they’re doing a multiple counter-offer, to ALL of the 72 offers they received.  I go to check the Listing Agent’s listing updates on Twitter, and they now have 89 offers. I wouldn’t make that up if I tried. Eighty….nine…offers.

I then picked up my jaw from desk upon which it hit….

Now here I venture to my geek side – this now, is actually a pretty good application of Twitter to real estate.  Many of these foreclosure-specialist listing agents have 20, 30, 100 listings – all foreclosures – they are juggling all at the same time.  Updating status on each listing in MLS with this amount could be a time-consuming task. Using Twitter, the agent gives to-the-minute updates on if offers were submitted to the bank, if they’re in counter-offer with a buyer, if they’re taking no more offers, etc. – much more useful information that could be gleaned from the “Notes” section in the MLS.

But back to this multiple offer topic. No matter what you read, the market in many instances in the Bay Area, is showing PLENTY of signs of life.  Yes, things slowed down early in the year, as did almost every micro-market in the world.  But even in price points between $800K – $1.3M, there are homes that are going in to contract within 2 weeks of coming on the market. It’s becoming less and less of an anomaly. If a house is priced right based on its location, it will sell.

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