Sandbags available for Redwood City Residents

With the first significant storm coming in on Tuesday, I have heard that sandbags are available for pickup for Redwood City residents starting at this past weekend. If you are in a flood-prone area of Redwood City, you can get sandbags in the parking lot of Redwood City’s Public Works Services building, 1400 Broadway (between Chestnut and Woodside). These are for Redwood City residents only, and there is a limit of 24 bags per household.

For residents of unincorporated areas of San Mateo County, the County provides other sandbag pickup locations:

Grant Corporation Yard, 752 Chestnut, Redwood City – (650) 363-4103

Princeton Corporation Yard, 203 Cornell Avenue – (650) 728-7993

Pescadero Corporation Yard, 1000 Pescadero Road – (650) 879-0202

Pescadero High School, 350 Butano Cutoff Road

La Honda Corporation Yard, 59 Entrada Way – (650) 747-0341


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