Recent Sales in Mt. Carmel

Well, I guess ‘recent’ being a relative term. There’s currently a good handful of homes for sale in the Mt. Carmel –15 by my count — really nice ones too, at many different price points — from a comfortable 2/1 for $869K (181 Myrtle), to a gorgeous Craftsman for $1.398M (at 1627 Brewster).

But, so what’s been selling though, you ask? By my count, six Mt. Carmel homes closed escrow, in the last couple months.

And here’s how you can see firsthand the effects that economic turmoil have been having on our microcosm. Because what’s interesting is that most of these homes sold at the mid- to lower-end price ranges that we had typically seen in Mt. Carmel in the last couple years (ah, remember those days when some Mt. Carmel homes went for 1.1M, 1.2M, and even a couple at 1.5M?).

Here they are, in no particular order:

2591 Brewster – 3br/2ba, 1550 sq. ft. on a BIG 11,480 sf lot

  • Sold for: $752,000 / Listed at $749,000
  • 8 Days on market (DOM)

173 Fulton – 2/1, 1190 sq. ft. on a 6500 sf lot. I’d heard unconfirmed chatter that this one received multiple offers in the double digits (over 10 offers)

  • Sold for $555,000 / Listed at $495,000
  • 28 DOM

1441 James – 2/1, 1020 sq. ft. on an 8550 sf lot.

  • Sold for $475,000 / Originally listed at $568,000
  • 67 DOM

7 Inner Circle – 2/1, 870 sq. ft. on a 7014 sf lot

  • Sold for $625,000 / Listed at $649,000
  • 47 DOM

224 Hudson St. – 2/1, 910 sq. ft. on a 6500 sf lot. (this handsome little Craftsman is that “green house” that, if you ever drive down Hudson near Brewster, you know EXACTLY which house this is)

  • Sold for: $670,000 / Listed at $695,000
  • 43 DOM

1120 Harrison Ave. – 3/2.5, 2100 sq. ft. on a 6480 sf lot

  • Sold for: $870,800 / Originally listed at $980,00 (though was on the market last year for $1.279M)
  • 98 DOM

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