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Beware of the Property Tax Reassessment SCAM

Scam So, this is more of a warning of something you may receive in the mail, that in my opinion is a trying to scam uninformed homeowners, and kind of a total crock of you-know-what.

So in the mail today, I get this official looking letter from “Property Tax Reassessment”, from a p.o. box in Los Angeles. The letter looks official, heck it even has the parcel number of my property.

Why do I think this is a crock? Firstly, they’re asking me to send in $179 by 2/26, and if I don’t, I have a service fee of $30 on top of that.  For this fee they’ll submit all the documentation to the county and “act as my agent” in all dealings with the County Assessor’s Office.

Secondly, they’re implying that my home might be OVER-ASSESSED by $263K.  Being in the business, I have a really, really good idea what my home would sell for if I were to put it on the market today, even in today’s unpredictable market.  And there’s just no way in heck my home is worth as little as they’re proposing what it “should” be assessed at.

Please don’t fall for this….it may be legal, but it REEKS of scam and deception.  Read the following articles for reference:

Getting your home reassessed for property taxes, it’s REALLY easy, and can be done online in almost any county in California (and I’d be happy to help you find the right forms if you need any help).


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