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The Mt. Carmel Holiday Home Tour is BACK!

  It’s that time of year! On Saturday, December 13th, from 11am to 3pm, visit four beautiful Mount Carmel area homes splendidly decorated for the holidays.  Even if you can’t make the Tour, come shop the expanded Gift Boutique at the school (301 Grand St.).   The boutique is open to the public from 10am to 5pm.

Any questions? Contact Jennifer Munsey at 650-365-1334, or, or Leslie Pedrin at 650-365-9115, or Please note that this event has been planned with adults in mind (sorry, kiddies!). Strollers won’t be allowed in the homes, and we ask that you do not bring young children.


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Snow is Coming to Redwood City?


Well, ok, so it’s not falling out of the sky, but it’s snow nonetheless!

Must be that time of year for RC’s annual Hometown Holidays

Each year on the first Saturday of December, Redwood City’s Downtown Business group throws a party in celebration of the Holiday Season! We have a parade, entertainment, SNOW, Santa Claus, and a grand finale with a FIREWORKS show and late night Holiday Movie!

Many events will be happening during Hometown Holidays — Tamale Tasting, Ballet, Holiday Tree Contests and more!

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New Podcast — Carole Rodoni Returns To the Gory Details


This month’s episode: She’s back! For the third time on the Gory Details Podcast, my special guest is the dynamic Carole Rodoni,  a highly regarded speaker, author and advisor in Bay Area real estate. Formerly president of Fox and Carskadon Realtors, COO of Cornish & Carey Real Estate, President & COO of Alain Pinel Realtors, Carole is now president of her own consulting firm, Bamboo Consulting.



The economy’s effect on real estate — the new President’s effect on real estate — advice to buyers and sellers — local vs. nationwide statistics….Carole’s got it all!



Take a listen, because the November edition of “The Gory Details Podcast” is now available! 

 (1) iTunes users, get it right here
(2) Or get it at
(3) And, always available at

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Recent Sales in Mt. Carmel – Q3 and Beyond

Price it right, and it will sell.

A simple, but extremely critical notion to think of when selling ANY house these days.

The reason I mention this is because there actually were a few homes that recently sold in Mt. Carmel for OVER ASKING price.  Yes, you read that right.  Pricing is THE most important factor these days, and for some of the homes that reduced their list price, and ended up getting sold for over that price, that was a lesson well learned.

Here, in no particular order, are some recent sales in Mt. Carmel:

204 Hillview – listed for $749K; sold for $760K

195 Opal – listed for $998K; sold for $950K

355 King – listed for $799,450; sold for $850,000

202 Harrison – listed for $989,000; sold for $985,000

445 Iris – listed for $699,950; sold for $717,000

2621 Hopkins – listed for $725,000; sold for $752,250

370 Hillview – listed for $635,900; sold for $591,000

258 Elwood – listed for $499,900; sold for $555,000

273 Iris – listed for $1,038,000; sold for $1,034,000

472 Hudson – listed for $799,000; sold for $660,000

1438 Brewster – listed for $899,000; sold for $875,000

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New Podcast Next Week — The Return of Carole Rodoni

Eh_podcast_graphic Back for an unprecedented THIRD time on the Gory Details Podcast, next Monday I will be interviewing the dynamic, illustrious and always interesting Carole Rodoni.

For those who don’t know her, Carole is an author and advisor in Bay Area real estate. Her illustrious career includes roles as President of Fox & Carskadon Realtors, COO of Cornish & Carey, and President/COO of Alain Pinel Realtors.

Carole’s November 2006 appearance (click here) on my podcast is still by far the most downloaded of all the podcasts.

Her July 2007 appearance (click here) also gave some great insights and datapoints.

There certainly will be no shortage of things to talk about this time (ya think?) — if you have any questions, or topics you’d like to see covered, email me at

Stay Tuned!

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How Not to Get Sued (aka, Top Tips for Disclosing)

Lawyers This comes from a great article I saw last week in the Los Altos Town Crier. Talked about a recent panel of real estate lawyers (now THAT’S a bit of a scary combination of 3 words), discussing numerous issues, chief among them, disclosures.

Here were the highlights:

  • In today’s economic times, when much of the market is in turmoil, litigation cases have increased because there are many buyers who want to get out of deals they have made.
  • When markets are good, the RE lawyers are busy. When markets are bad, they’re really busy.
  • Attribute and disclaim: attribute where you get your information. If you didn’t verify the information, say so, and cite the source of your information.
  • Document, document, document: once in litigation, people make up stories, so make sure you document everything, even telephone conversations. Email works best for this and is easy to confirm.
  • Disclose, disclose, disclose: you can’t disclose enough, and there is no harm in over-disclosing.
  • Agents and their sellers should disclose what they know or what they’ve heard — even rumors.  There’s no need to check them out, but they need to disclose what they’ve heard. How far back should old disclosures be disclosed? Their answer: forever.
  • Intentional failure to disclose is fraud.
  • Keep files as long as possible.
  • Finally, if ever in litigation, the panelists advised hiring a good attorney because there are many incompetent attorneys with little knowledge or experience in real estate law.  Beware of dumb lawyers.

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