New Mt. Carmel Listings – Week of 6/16

So yes, it’s been awhile sincee we’ve had so many new listings pop up here in Mt. Carmel. A lot of them are, how shall I phrase this tactfully, “good opportunities”.  But, lots of good stuff to pick from — here, in no particular order:

  • 5 Elwood St. – $749,999 – 3br,2ba – 1230 sf on a 7020 sf lot – Just came on the market, on the corner of Whipple. Also a short sale
  • 202 Harrison Ave. – $1,089,000 – 4br/3.5ba – 2380 sf on a 5550 sf lot.  Beautiful architecture.
  • 554 Jeter St. -$799,000 – 4br/2ba – 1750 sf on a 6500 sf lot.  Not the most “traditional” of floor plans (the garage is converted to a bedroom), but for the price, not so bad.
  • 346 Grand (new price) – $874,950 – 4br/2ba – 2010 sf on a 6500sf lot.   Originally $999K, this one’s come down a couple times at least.  If you like 60s/70s era wood paneling, this house is for you!
  • 194 Inner Circle – $1,058,000 – 3br/1ba – 1700sf on a 12,600 sf lot.  This one sold 1 year ago for $1,001,000.  Seems to have been cleaned up a little since it was last on the market.  A fantastic sized lot.
  • 155 Fulton St. – $799,000 – 3br/1ba – 1170sf on a 7150 sf lot.  A classic old Craftsman, on a nice sized lot
  • 279 Hudson St. (new price) – $1,275,000 – 4br/2ba – 2140 sf on a 6500 sf lot.  A gorgeously updated home (but I think I did call it, when this first came on the market for $1.349M, that its list price might have been a stretch, given the sometimes busy-ness of Hudson)
  • 188 Inner Circle – $849,999 – 2br/1ba – 920 sf on a 6580 sf lot.  A great little cottage, on a nice street. But, considering that about $800K gets you a 3/1 in this area, time will tell if the price is right.
  • 244 Fulton St. – $895,000 – 3br/1ba – 1440 sf on a 6500 sf lot.  Some pictures would be nice, considering its been on the market for 13 days already (pet peeve of mine…but I digress)
  • 195 Opal Ave. – $1,070,00 – 3br/1.5ba – 1490 sf on 8151 sf lot.  A really nice home, on a nice quiet street.  This one gets my vote for the “fav of the week” 
  • 553 Topaz St. – $829,000 – 3br/2ba – 1300 sf on a 5250 sf lot.  Great price for a 3/2 in this area.




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