New “Gory Details” Podcast – Focus on Home Security & Safety

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WIth June being “Home Safety Month”, today’s “Gory Details” podcast provides information to homeowners and buyers about home security and safety in today’s environment.

And joining us today as our special guest to the Gory Details is a long time local law enforcement official, Officer Garcia.  Today, we discuss:

  • Some of the common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to home security
  • Are alarm/security systems really effective?
  • Should I buy in a neighborhood where tennis shoes are hanging from the telephone wires?
  • Where to find crime statistics for your neighborhood

Take a listen, because the May edition of “The Gory Details Podcast” is now available! 

(1) iTunes users, get it right here
(2) Or, get it at
(3) And, always available at


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