A Bevy of New Mt. Carmel Listings

It’s been quite a busy week — a handful of new listings have come on the market, many of which will be on tour today. A quick snapshot:

  • 1562 James – $828,000 – 2br/1ba, 1150 sq. ft on a 5304 sq. ft. lot.  For a 2br home, a decent amount of square footage — most 2br’s in this area tend to be in the 850-950 sq. ft. And a decent sized lot too. Decently updated and colorful too. Properly priced in my opinion.
  • 2469 Brewster – $1,250,000 – 3br/2ba, 1656 sq. ft. on an 11,480 sq. ft. lot.  Nicely updated, and a huuuuge backyard (great lot size!). My only “con” on this is that it’s a bit of a busy hump of Brewster, and cars can sometimes tend to fly down this street — I recall many a day in my high school years back in the early 80’s, trying to get go fast enough on Brewster coming from Alameda that we’d get our car airborn right at this “hump” of Brewster. But I digress.
  • 190 Opal – $850,000 – 2br/1ba, 1210 sq. ft. on a 7205 sq. ft. lot.  Here too, another decent sized 2br, on an even bigger lot. House could use a bit of updating, IMHO.
  • 233 King – $1,295,000 – 3br/3.5ba, 2169 sq. ft. on a 6500 sq. ft. lot. Although I did comment briefly on this one last time, I do have to reiterate — this is a very nicely updated house with some great features. Large master suite, elegant master bath, good sized family room, useful office w/ 1/2 bath in the back of the property.  The only thing that’s a bit of a distraction, and a client of mine pointed this out, is that there’s no bathroom on the main floor of the house. Ok, so the nearest bathroom is 6 steps away up the stairs to where the 2 bedrooms are, but still, it does feel a little quirky. The kitchen, while gorgeously updated, is a bit lacking on counter space and size in general, particularly if you’ve got a gourmet cook in your family.
  • 518 Hudson – $969,000 – 3br/2ba, 1550 sq. ft. on a 6500 sq. ft. lot.   A very nicely updated home, and a good amount of space. The only downside, if you don’t like busy streets, is that it’s on Hudson, one block away from the light at Jefferson, which can tend to get busy during rush hours (school dropoff and pickup at Redeemer, or later in the evening).
  • 306 Hillview – $899,888 – 4br/2ba, 1450 sq. ft. on a 5000 sq. ft. lot. This one feels like it’s been off and on the market for the past couple years. It last sold 3/2007 for $758K.  The owner seems to have done some updates to it, which was just absolutely needed the last time it was on the market. Will it be worth the $142K difference that a year makes? Back then it kind of had a funky layout, but you never know, it just may work for somebody.

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