Even More New Mt. Carmel Listings

A few new ones have popped up on the radar the past couple days. Some on the starter-size price range, others on the high-side of your typical Mt. Carmel homes. Here they are, in no particular order:

477 Topaz: $625,000: 2br/1ba, 700 sq. ft. on a 2625 sq. ft. lot. In my opinion a great price for a first time buyer — it’s in the 400 block, so you’re not as close to Jefferson (like the 500 block), and, thinking out loud, this is an east-side price for a west-side home.  There’s homes in the alphabet streets (A St., B St., C St., etc. — east of the RR tracks) that are priced higher. Now granted, the lot is one of those postage stamp-sized lots, but for the price, and to be in a relatively quiet area, near some shopping and amenities, this home is priced pretty well.

477 topaz redwood city mt. carmel

169 Inner Circle: $1,589,000: 3br/4+ba, 3150 sq. ft. on an 8300 sq. ft. lot.  This house sold almost exactly 2 years ago (4/14/06) for $1,499,000.  I remember back then when I viewed it on tour, I thought it was big, maybe a little overbuilt for that neighborhood, and a bit on the gawdy side in terms of its updates.  Hopefully the current owner (who is also a local realtor) did some “neutral” updates to justify the $90K increase in value over two years (which is not terribly unreasonable).  The sale of 271 Myrtle not too long ago (for $1.565M) does show that that area can sustain homes in this price range.

169 inner circle redwood city mt. carmel

233 King St: $1,295,000: 3br/3.5ba, 2169 sq. ft. on a 6500 sq. ft. lot.  This one was a flipper I believe. Sold in Sep. 2006 for $815K when it was a 3/2, 1090 sq. ft. home.  Will the addition of 1100+ more square feet justify the $500K premium for its upgrade/addition? Here’s the current picture of it on MLS — oh wait (cue trombone)…bwaaaa, bwaaaa, bwaaaaahhhh.  I’m sure the pic will be up soon. This, as mentioned in an earlier post, is a great street in Mt. Carmel. It’s not show-able till this weekend, otherwise I’d review it. But, its MLS description says it was remodeled and had an addition in ’07, so we’ll have to see how well it’s received.

346 Grand


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