New Mt. Carmel Listings – with Reviews

Ok, so now that I’ve had the opportunity to check them out on Broker’s Tour, here’s my quick review:

346 Grand St. – Great location, and actually right across the street from Mt. Carmel School. Not a bad thing at all, just be prepared during the school year, between the hours of 7:35 and 8:00am, and between 3:00 and 3:15pm, you’ll probably have more cars driving down the street then you’re used to.  From external perspectives, it’s got nice curb appeal — kind of that Mediterranean/Tuscan/Spanish look (I’m no architect, so I lump them all together). On the inside, though, definitely needs a bit of updating, and the floor plan is not, shall we say, so traditional.  There’s finally a picture up on MLS, though:

346 Grand2

145 Hillview Ave: I really liked this one. The front of the house is ok, but the space and flow on the inside works really well. Plus, it’s a good sized lot, so there’s ample room in the front and back yards. There are many homes on this block of Hillview that have been renovated, very tastefully, and just oozing curb appeal.

And how did I miss this one last time?

355 King St: a 2br / 2ba, 1523 sq. ft. on a 6500 sq. ft. lot.  Looks decently updated, and a good sized lot on a great street. But $929K for a 2br? Hey, if they get that price or close to it, more power to the sellers.  We’ll see what the market can bear here.

355 king st.


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