Current Mt. Carmel Homes for sale – Picks of the Week

Here’s some of the single-family homes currently for sale in the Mt. Carmel neighborhood. Any opinion stated here is purely the opinion of the author 

245 King St. – 2br/1ba – $846,500 – 14 days on market (DOM). Very charming home, and at 1220 sq. ft., a good size for a 2br.

153 Lowell St. – 3br/2ba – $1,050,000 – 27 DOM (67 cumulative DOM) – originally listed by another agent at $200K higher than its current price. Although, with no extra pictures other than the front of the house, and no online virtual tour, I don’t see how any potential buyer can get too excited looking at this online.

443 Birch – 3br/2ba – $989,000 – 39 DOM. Lots of character in this 1927 Craftsman. But, if the house was painted a color other than it’s current Papa Smurf Blue, it probably might have sold by now.

234 Harrison Ave. – 2br/1ba – $625,000 – 40 DOM.  Ok, so it’s a short sale. But there’s NOT ONE picture of this house online.  Over 85% of buyers get their inital home information online — so I guess they’re targeting that 15% of the buyers that DON’T use computers.

232 Outer Circle – 4br/2.5ba – $1,320,000 – 40 DOM. Nice, new construction, great curb appeal complete with white picket fence. But, backyard space is pretty sparse.

1600 Brewster – 4br/2.5ba – $1,450,000 – 60 DOM. A classically elegant looking home. Lots of space, although the flow is not terribly traditional.  Definitely needs some infrastructure updating (electrical, furnace, etc.). $1.45M for a busy street? I’m not convinced, but hey, I’ve been proven wrong before.

94 Grand St. – 3br/3ba – $1,099,000 – 65 DOM.  Ok, so the seller is also the agent. You’ve been on the market 65 days, and you have NO pictures of the house, nor do you have a sign on the front of the house.  I guess the traditional definition of “marketing” and “selling” a house is just old-fashioned and passe’?

181 Lowell St. – 3br/1ba – $799,000 – 141 DOM.  Originally priced at $942K. Also a short sale. Great price for a great street. I’m surprised this one hasn’t sold in all the time it’s been on the market. But, I think some buyers, for whatever reason, don’t want to live next to a church.

547 Iris St. – 3br/2ba – $995,000 – 224 DOM. Originally priced at $1.2M. Could probably use some updating, and even though the price dropped, that 500-block that borders Jefferson Ave. is not always a sure thing to get over $950K for your house.

 That’s it for now….Stay tuned for more reviews next week!


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