Welcome to the Mt. Carmel Blog!

Alrighty then, here we are, my second “hyper-local” blog, and on what is one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Redwood City: the friendly, tree-lined and family oriented neighborhood of Mt. Carmel.

I’ve got probably one of the longest running real estate blogs (since 2005) here on the Peninsula, the aptly named “The Gory Details ..of Real Estate”.  But, with so much that’s appealing about Mt. Carmel, I felt the time was right to now provide all kinds of useful information at the neighborhood level — spoken from someone who has lived, works, and sends kids to school here. I’ll do my best to keep my readers — whether they’re owners or potential buyers in Mt. Carmel — abreast of all that’s happening. 
Coming up in future blog posts:
 – recent sales, new and upcoming listings in Mt. Carmel

– what’s YOUR home worth in Mt. Carmel?

– when does Concert in the Park start at Stafford Park?


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